At first it burned…Deep, harsh and resplendent.Smoke filled evenings, bad boys,A bottle of nickle-and-dime, tasteless wine. Lust I believed was love,Legal highs and bootleg lows,Waking up in unfamiliar places,The comedown, the same old town. Becoming superannuatedBefore my twentieth birthday.In rundown hotels,Sleepwalking the corridors, roaming the floors. When desire turns into addiction,Go to sleep with aContinue reading “Sleepwalking”

What If I Told You Magic Exists?

If I told you there was magic in this world, What would you say? I am not talking fairies, wands, wizards or spells, Just things science can’t explain away. When lifelong friends, separated by miles of sea, Just know when the other will call, The placebo effect, a mother’s intuition, Or if dark matter mattersContinue reading “What If I Told You Magic Exists?”

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