Un Mal Pour un Bien

Everything happens for a reason,

Just maybe not in the way we’ve been told.

Sometimes life can be hard when we’re young,

Yet easier as we grow old…

When the happiest times were the bitterly cold nights

and you could see your breath in the sky…

But when that summer came around,

you were inconsolable for the whole of July.

There was the day that you saw him for the very last time

and the blue was masked with cloud.

Yet whilst your heart was breaking,

the birdsong had never been so loud. 

When you pick the flowers and sing a rainbow,

Take a moment to read between the lines,

Because you might just miss the beauty of it all,

If you don’t learn to open your eyes.

A rainstorm in a drought is a wish come true,

Sunshine during a flood is nature’s rescue,

A tear to the artist can be his greatest breakthrough,

So when things seem difficult, you know what to do…

Take a breath and smile, it’s only a blip,

Because the bad can be great on this miraculous trip.

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